Thursday, August 20, 2009

Braised ox tail

Just a little update done via my new iPhone so wanted to see how well it worked, anyway today I will be posting up a dish of braised ox tail. If your new to oxtail then you will soon find a great new world of this rich lushish meat and best of all it's cheap :) and a great winter dish so I figure whilst winter is still around why not. I just love oxtail and also ox cheek due to it's slow cooked meat falling off the bone texture and the real richness and comforting feeling it gives. So these days it should be pretty easy to find (although ox cheek seems a real pain to find) and should only cost around the $7-8kg mark so make a nice batch of it and you have done tasty leftovers (it's even better the next day)or possibly a ravioli filling. So to get started get your ox tail and coat in a small amount of flower and season with a little sea salt and cracked pepper,then what we want to do is just lightly brown them in a pan with some olive oil just until it starts to caramelise just a little bit then remove them from heat
so the next thing you want to do is start on the veggies so just put those oxtail aside for now

so dice up some carrot,shallots(or keep em whole i was just in a dice crazy mood),garlic,celery and red onion, now what i did was cook them all first in a bit of butter & olive oil with some sea salt and cracked pepper. Then place in casserole dish with oxtail and add herbs i personally just plucked some out of the garden so it can vary on what you have available, i had rosemary,thyme,flat parsley and oregano i also added some tomato as well (from a can cause at the moment they kind of suck until summer again)
Then next step is to add some stock and red wine until its just covering all the ingredients

Then i put it in the oven at 180(shit oven) for 5-6 hours so in the mean time play some megaman 9 and try not to break your controller and smash your LCD TV from how annoyingly frustrating and hard it is

Damn you little blue man and your hard punishing ways

Then serve it up with some nice crusty bread and a carrot and parsnip puree garnish with parsley or a gremolata and that's it.

it should just fall of the bone so at the end of the meal this is all you have left

Edit: I have since made a even better version of this dish and will post it up soon.

I drank this with a Marcus schultz zinfadel around $25 from borrosa valley and full of complexity that's rare in a Australian wine at this mid range and works so well with ox tail.

Currently drinking: Some cleanskin(yes i know i know) Pinot from WA 07 pretty damn good for the $13 i paid for it

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