Sunday, December 18, 2011

Xmas mixed dozen

Hi Guys Just a little heads up, if your stuck for some last minute shopping ideas, I have collabaretd with Prince Wine Store and have come up with Recipes to match their Xmas Mixed Dozen. I will post the recpies as well on here too :). So go grab yourself 12 fantastic bottles of booze at insane value and with my recipes to boot what more can you ask for ?

Merry Christmas Everyone


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Neils gift to the world

Every now and then a product or piece of produce comes along and just blows me out of the water. I’m glad to say I’m far on dry land after trying Neil Prentice’s Wagu Bresaola. Fed on grass, these gorgeous cows are treated like gods and taken very well care of. It really shows that a happy animal makes bloody tasty meat.
I was recently given some… and by “some” I mean 2 whole kilograms of happiness (of which I only have about 10 slices left).

 I really love breasola when done right but often find it a little tough and underwhelming and the last few tastes of bresaola I had that stand out above the rest was at Cutler & co., Cumulus Inc., Church St. Enoteca and Osteria la Passione. In a desperate search to find that happy spot again I looked far and wide, coming close but never reaching that same flavour and texture.
Until now.

I was searching for the happy place but have ascended to heaven.
Not only does Neil’s Bresaola taste as good, it pretty much picks up all other bresaola’s and kicks their arses like chuck Norris at your average bad guy convention.
The beauty of this bresaola is the melt in the mouth texture. It sits (and I know this is a massive call) on par with Jamon Iberico, which is the greatest cured meat on earth. That’s right I went there.
It’s that melt in the mouth fat which, when simply touched, leaks its sexy wagu fat and shines as bright as the sun.

The taste was nothing but a gorgeous salty, creamy, beefy flavour and a mouth feel that coats the palate like a rich parfait, or big red but delicate like a pinot and leaves you wanting more and more.

The best way to eat it: slice it very thin, let it come to room temperature and eat plain. It needs nothing else, savour it in its entire glory. However, if you wish to, grate some fresh Horseradish (please don’t use jarred horseradish as it doesn’t even come close) but other than that let it be.
Sit back and bask in the glory that is the perfect bresaola. 
  Well maybe The only improvement that can be made is a cheeky glass of Neils own wine or if you really want to raise the bar maybe some Barolo.
Eat or die,


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if this isnt a endorsment i don't know what is

full disclosure:
I was not paid for this, it was simply that i love this and i want everyone too as well

read more about Neils great products here

go bug Neil for some here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A quick bite.

On Monday I was in need of a place where I could get a quick and tasty meal(we had about a hr spare) in the St Kilda area with Danielle recently after we ventured up to golden fields and then discovered it was sadly closed. Despite our disappointment we managed we to pick ourselves up and head a little bit down the road to the much hyped New Market Hotel. Sadly I haven’t had the best experience with hyped up Mexican inspired food in Melbourne so I was a little on the sceptical side. Lucky for us , it was awesome and rocked our socks off. The service was casual but still professional and the fit out was also very cool. The food reflected the vibe of the place, fun and casual with a bit charm and was a great example of some smart cooking. We didn’t have long so we could only order a few dishes.
We started with 

 Morcilla & chicharones bocadillos, sunny side quail eggs, piquillo peppers & crispy jamon $14
 Loved this combo of pork, pork and more pork, throw in a quail egg and between some bread you cant go wrong.mmm crackling 

 Soft tacos with wood roasted bone marrow, chimichurri & ranchero style brisket $16

In a corny movie style moment, “you had me at bone marrow” this taco was my favourite of the 2. The rich bone marrow topped with a cleansing chimichurri and melt in your mouth brisket, wrap it in a taco shell, whats not to love

Soft shell crab tacos with guacamole, shaved fennel, spicy corn & tomatillo salsa $17

I go weak at the knees for soft shell crab and this is one example that had me crippled. Crispy crab banging guac and moreish sauce.

 BBQ Corn on the cob with chilli & queso fresco $6 ea

A great little side some BBQ corn on the cob it was juicy sweet and a little spicy, maybe a little too spicy for danielle as she instantly turned a little red. Shes such a wuss. 

Well I can happily say that Newmarket hotel lives up to the hype and I will be returning to eat my way through the whole menu.


Any other recommendations for mexican in Melbourne?
I have had a few banging tacos from The Table recently as well but more on that later

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Brix

I often find that my most enjoyable meals are the off the cuff moments when I get a call or sms asking "do i want to catch up for a little bit?" . This was no exception while trying to kill some time before a wedding I had a great meal with Jess at The Brix. Its a ode to the old classic bistros in france with a few modern touches. The Chefs resumes read like a dream (attica,royal mail ) and their talent is definitely translated to the plate.

It was midday Saturday but the first meal of the day and after a big night so when i read the words cassouolet with egg my eyes lit up just as much as my arteries where about to be clogged up. We also ordered the Charcuterie board($26) and Jess got the Black pudding, apple cider, sorrel and duck egg($16).

A kick ass selection of duck liver parfait, pork rillette, terrine and salami served with rye and brioche. Everything was bang on and we hooved it down in about 10 mins, the stand out was the parfait though so creamy and incredibly moreish.

The Cassoulet was rich, textural and has sexy crust plus with a bit of oozy egg it was hard to go wrong.

Jess's black pudding was another perfect example of how rich animal products and oozy egg are a perfect harmony. The salad was a nice relief to heavy dish and seems to pair well other bloody products.

They offer breakfast,lunch and dinner a la carte and on Fridays & Saturdays nights and Sunday lunch offer a degustation which at $80 seems like a steal. I cant wait for round 2.


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blog amnesty

Much like Claire I am going to do a big of a "blog amnesty" over the next dew days. I will just jam pack a few pics and some little info and get through the 40+ drafts i have sitting around just to get threw it all.