Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey interwebs people

My name is Mat I'm here to wank on about bullshit foodie and wino crap and post some of my creations where i slave away on a tiny little bench which is at my knees creating gastronomic delights. I'm pretty tipsy and cant be assed grabbing my camera uploading photos via the shity card reader on my temperamental laptop right now but i assure i will post pics descriptions and recipes and reviews of all soughts of shit whether its the xbox game I'm playing or the pretentious restaurant i just went too whilst I'm still feeling some pinot fumes. I mainly make Italian dishes as that it my real Passion but I'm not limited to only cooking in that style at all. I live near Victoria st (Well a little tram ride away) so cooking Chinese and Vietnamese is pretty pointless considering i can eat 5 dishes for a good $20 with no effort required so cant really see myself posting much of that stuff personally. As you may notice my name of the blog I'm a bit of a goth like my 80s goth/death rock and all that lame ass goth shit that goes along with (besides the whole i like hip hop and skateboarding thing don't know where that fits in) i don't take it serious so its a whole tongue in cheek thing. So anyway i might hop off this wretched computer and makes come pita bread with basil,garlic,prosciutto and Buffalo mozzarella on some pita bread to soak up the vino while i can be fucked. Will post lots more soon
kisses hugs and headless bats

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  1. You should make a headless bat dish :) that would be sick \m/