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finally posting some pics- all things stuffed

One of the first things you need to do is hollow out the tomato's (you can use the insides later to make a nice kick ass sauce)

The next thing is to dice up all your lovely vegies i tend to get most of mine from the prahan market because of the consitent quality and easy location for me and of course usually be cheaper then crap you get at the supermarket. So here we can see some diced eggplant,zuccini,mushrooms,basil,garlic,parsley,sea salt cracked pepper drizzled with some olive oil and red wine vinegar tossed through.

Then next step of course is to fill this lovely things up full of goodness and then top with some buffalo mozzeralla and if you like you can add some prosucitto

Place them in the oven for about 35 mins untill then skin is splitting on the side and cooked through and serve with a balsamic reduction or what i like to do now(i have since made this a few times like this) served with a house made pesto(will post up soon on how to make) or served on some raddico or a nice bed of lentils( i like Mt zero ones) mmmm tasty

Tomato that has been hollowed out and filled with a mixture of mushrooms,zucchini,eggplant,parsley,basil,garlic and red wine vinegar and sea salt and cracked pepper topped with buffalo mozzarella then roasted and drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Then next guys we have Nice little dish of a Stuffed roasted eye fillet a more detailed description is bellow

So i got my ass down to

Ian's Meats at the prahan market (who i feel personally is the best butcher out of them all nice bunch of friendly guys and willing to cut things up in real pain in the arse ways)to get some nice aged eye fillet and then got a nice little pocket placed inside as i was feeling lazy.

And NO! thats not nailpolish im so goth i bash myself with a meat hammer to make them black

So the next step is to carmelise the onions,sautee the spinach,dice the rosemary,lemon,parsley,garlic,grind up some pepper and salt in a mortar and pestle and stuff all the goodness in for a nice healthy filing. If you would like you could add some bread crumbs but when i went to get them to my shock horror little cupboard moths got in to them thus ruining my life and me having to drink a few glasses of wine to consule myself because i knew i couldnt be fucked making anymore from scracth.Also i didnt take any photos of me cooking and doing all the above stuff i dont know why it just didnt seem to happen i think it may of been the wine lending me to forget to take photos of step by step instructions. Well anyway here you can sought of see all of the above shit stuffed on inside

Then what i did was lay out some herbs(thyme,parsley,rosemary and garlic,pepper,pink sea salt too) and then place out some prosciutto and wrap it all up.

It seems like the most impossible task ever to get my hands on some kitchen string in Richmond i got some of these from The essential ingredient . They are called The food loop and they damn useful its like reusable of course they don't look as cool as a nicely typed beef with kitchen string but it will do the trick.

Then roast this baby up now you can do this depending on the size and if your oven is a piece of shit or not in around say for around 1kg in a hour(give or take 10 minutes like i said all depends on your oven) on 180 should turn out nice and meduim rare(anything else and your ruining the meat and i may hate you) and then serve with some green beans tossed with roasted garlic,olive oil and tossed with some Gremolata and i also had twice cooked roast potato's too

Roasted eye fillet thats been stuffed with caramelised onion,garlic,fresh rosemary,cracked pepper,pink sea salt,spinach sauteed in EVOO,garlic,lemon then rolled in more herbs and wrapped in prosciutto and slow roasted served with roasted green beans with a evoo,red wine vinegar,garlic and lemon rind dressing and just tuck behind there you can see some twice roasted potato's with rosemary,garlic and a small little bit of chilli with a barberra tomato based(you can use the insides of the left over from the tomato's above and just blend it in bar mixer style) reduction sauce

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