Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pork Belly

Hey guys just thought it was a long time over due to post some more things up. I have been way to busy lately but things are starting to settle down so i should be posting alot more soon so keep coming back to check it out. So today i will be posting a little bit on the most succulent and tasty bit of pork and very healthy of course the pork belly such a useful and tasty piece of meat be it turned into bacon, Pancetta
or cooked uncured its little fatty layers between the meat means its very juicy and when cooked to perfection just melts in your mouth plus added bonus of
crackling. Today i will be posting two types an Asian style pork belly served with Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts and char Sui sauce and with chili crackling first up. One of the tricks to perfect crackling is to leave it over night covered in fine sea salt(in the fridge of course) as it helps take out the moisture out of the skin also dry with some toweling before hand too and make sure its not wet before placing the salt on. The reason alot of people these days have issues with getting peferct crackling when say just 10 years ago it was just a simple matter of whacking on some salt and olive oil and you would have perfect crackling. Is due to how pork is now bred being a lot less fatty and leaner,also try to get your pork from a Asian butcher as they always have the best pork if you live inner city(Melbourne) try Victoria street quite a few good Asian butchers along the street.

Chinese style pork belly(rubbed in with Chinese five spice,garlic,sea salt,pepper and marinated in a char sui sauce) served with Chinese broccoli and bean sprouts in a oyster sauce topped with a chilli crackling a char sui sauce.

IM A PICTURE(lol i cant find my camera with all my photos so just imagine the bellow)

Next up is a porchetta style pork belly what i have done is crushed up some fennel seeds,garlic,rosemary,sage ,pink sea salt,cracked pepper and rubbed it all over and stuffed some garlic cloves in a few random slits all across the thing.

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  1. i friggen love pork belly... mmmmm

  2. mmmmmmm so yummy... this could be a good option for this season when families love to eat together and to share unforgettable moments.