Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey everyone computer fixed mostly and will be posting so much it will blow your mind, i am using my twitter alot so you can always follow me ,currently making the salt baked hay chicken that was on masterchef turning out fantastic.


  1. Have just discovered your blog - very good. I'm also a foodie goth and it seems, we are neighbours. Look forward to reading more. Larissa

  2. Hey Mat! Really disappointed you're out of Masterchef :'( I'm from Europe, currently located in Hongkong ans Australian TV is all I got in my apartment, haha. I am addicted to the series. I hope you'll make it even w/o them, I don't think you're gonna need it you're great cook keep doing what you like!!!

    But the "cooking with goths"-logo is always in front of the text, makes it a little hard to read.
    Besides this, nice blog!!


  3. haii mat i was a masterchef freek until u got out it died out for mee anyway good luck and i wishh u all the best i hope seeing around I <3 U SOO MUCH

  4. Ok I hope you be okay. I hate when this kind of things happen in our computers, I can't understand why they just leave to work when we need them more than ever.... it's kind of weird.