Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mozzarella salad

I love this recipe its so basic and simple and can be whipped out and made in just a few minutes. This could be after work,made as a snack a small simple dinner or entree preparing for a feast. I make this dish often in summer cause its not too heavy but still has a nice grunt to it without being too rich, also sometimes i just can't be fucked making something complicated after slaving away in the office.

What you need:

basil leaves
Spanish onion
red wine vinegar
good extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
cracked pepper
and most of all buffalo mozzarella (can be found in most decent deli's and even the odd supermarket but be careful with supermarkets as they will often charge $10 for about 100g which is around double in relation to most delis)

cut tomato into around 50-100mm slices depending on taste
slice mozzarella into roughly same thickness as tomato
thinly slice the onion
ground up pepper and salt if you need too(i lost my salt and pepper grinders after moving so just been using mortar and pestle out of nothing but pure laziness)

then just layer them as follows:
tomato,mozzarella,basil leaf then repeat.
Place onion on edge of the cheese and will rest between that and the tomato
drizzle with olive oil and some red wine vinegar
season with a pinch of sea salt and cracked pepper.


If you want you can always add some prosciutto in between and it tastes damn fine too.

I have served this up with a pesto i made and also a little balsamic reduction they really work a treat with this too.


  1. Oh hell yeah! This is my go to dish when I want to impress peoplke with my (non existant) culinary skills and appear nonchalant at the same time. The only problem is if I use buffallo mozarella I don't want to share! :)

  2. Well actually this kinf of luxury dishes doesn't fill me... and I don't like them, I like to eat at home because I can cook and eat so much as I want, but no luxury places, but thanks for the recipe.