Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The hard life of being a food wanker

The issue with being Someone is that is very into good food is that it can be difficult. Even more so if you add a allergy into the mix(I’m lactarted ) and the fact I work shift work and my house mate is a 9-5 mon/fri worker so getting home at 11pm and banging pots and pans around until the wee hours isn't much of a option.

Then throw in the Fact I pretty much live between two houses one in ascot vale and the other in St Kilda and we have ourselves quite the dilemma. So I am going to document my struggle to eat amazing food all the time(first world problems eh).I'm going to try and take photos of everything I consume food and drink wise although the drink part might be a little harder being such a wino and all. Possibly also alarming to my constant denial that I drink too often

I'm sure I will post some things that may not be always top notch crap but it's all in fun and that's what the Internet is for anyway judging people anonymously.
Why would anyone really care what I eat I have no clue but I'm sure other food wankers might find themselves in a similar dilemma and could relate and feel my pain (insert emo tears).So I'm going to try and do this a few days at a time with a little brief description of what it is, how good or plain shit it is. Anyway you think this plan could be improved feel free to leave a comment below; Will post next other next day or so.


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