Thursday, November 17, 2011

Neils gift to the world

Every now and then a product or piece of produce comes along and just blows me out of the water. I’m glad to say I’m far on dry land after trying Neil Prentice’s Wagu Bresaola. Fed on grass, these gorgeous cows are treated like gods and taken very well care of. It really shows that a happy animal makes bloody tasty meat.
I was recently given some… and by “some” I mean 2 whole kilograms of happiness (of which I only have about 10 slices left).

 I really love breasola when done right but often find it a little tough and underwhelming and the last few tastes of bresaola I had that stand out above the rest was at Cutler & co., Cumulus Inc., Church St. Enoteca and Osteria la Passione. In a desperate search to find that happy spot again I looked far and wide, coming close but never reaching that same flavour and texture.
Until now.

I was searching for the happy place but have ascended to heaven.
Not only does Neil’s Bresaola taste as good, it pretty much picks up all other bresaola’s and kicks their arses like chuck Norris at your average bad guy convention.
The beauty of this bresaola is the melt in the mouth texture. It sits (and I know this is a massive call) on par with Jamon Iberico, which is the greatest cured meat on earth. That’s right I went there.
It’s that melt in the mouth fat which, when simply touched, leaks its sexy wagu fat and shines as bright as the sun.

The taste was nothing but a gorgeous salty, creamy, beefy flavour and a mouth feel that coats the palate like a rich parfait, or big red but delicate like a pinot and leaves you wanting more and more.

The best way to eat it: slice it very thin, let it come to room temperature and eat plain. It needs nothing else, savour it in its entire glory. However, if you wish to, grate some fresh Horseradish (please don’t use jarred horseradish as it doesn’t even come close) but other than that let it be.
Sit back and bask in the glory that is the perfect bresaola. 
  Well maybe The only improvement that can be made is a cheeky glass of Neils own wine or if you really want to raise the bar maybe some Barolo.
Eat or die,


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if this isnt a endorsment i don't know what is

full disclosure:
I was not paid for this, it was simply that i love this and i want everyone too as well

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go bug Neil for some here

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