Thursday, October 13, 2011

A quick bite.

On Monday I was in need of a place where I could get a quick and tasty meal(we had about a hr spare) in the St Kilda area with Danielle recently after we ventured up to golden fields and then discovered it was sadly closed. Despite our disappointment we managed we to pick ourselves up and head a little bit down the road to the much hyped New Market Hotel. Sadly I haven’t had the best experience with hyped up Mexican inspired food in Melbourne so I was a little on the sceptical side. Lucky for us , it was awesome and rocked our socks off. The service was casual but still professional and the fit out was also very cool. The food reflected the vibe of the place, fun and casual with a bit charm and was a great example of some smart cooking. We didn’t have long so we could only order a few dishes.
We started with 

 Morcilla & chicharones bocadillos, sunny side quail eggs, piquillo peppers & crispy jamon $14
 Loved this combo of pork, pork and more pork, throw in a quail egg and between some bread you cant go wrong.mmm crackling 

 Soft tacos with wood roasted bone marrow, chimichurri & ranchero style brisket $16

In a corny movie style moment, “you had me at bone marrow” this taco was my favourite of the 2. The rich bone marrow topped with a cleansing chimichurri and melt in your mouth brisket, wrap it in a taco shell, whats not to love

Soft shell crab tacos with guacamole, shaved fennel, spicy corn & tomatillo salsa $17

I go weak at the knees for soft shell crab and this is one example that had me crippled. Crispy crab banging guac and moreish sauce.

 BBQ Corn on the cob with chilli & queso fresco $6 ea

A great little side some BBQ corn on the cob it was juicy sweet and a little spicy, maybe a little too spicy for danielle as she instantly turned a little red. Shes such a wuss. 

Well I can happily say that Newmarket hotel lives up to the hype and I will be returning to eat my way through the whole menu.


Any other recommendations for mexican in Melbourne?
I have had a few banging tacos from The Table recently as well but more on that later

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  1. I adore Blue Corn in St Kilda. Mamasita of course, but its way noisy. I must be getting old....

  2. I've heard some mixed reviews about this joint, but am glad to see that the food is really quite good!

  3. great post Thanks Mat

  4. so delicious food I wish to eat some thing like that so soon and enjoy it

  5. the other day I was learning how to make Morcilla & chicharones bocadillos since my Mexican friend was teaching, but my all "bocadillos" got all burned out :(